Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Andrea!!

Well, Guatemala is wet again.  It has been raining off and on for several days and it looks like we will have a few more days of it.

This morning, Andrea called and asked me to come and have lunch at the clinic.  Today, is her birthday and her family wants to bring lunch to us.  What a nice surprise!!

Andrea, Mario and Sara as we are preparing to eat.

It is good to have Martina back with us, after completing her maternity leave.  Martina with Maury and Maria.

I usually do not take photos of my meal but I was so impressed with Andrea's family.  They not only brought in all of the food............but also all of the plates, glasses and utensils!

This is Andrea and her family.

We quickly organized ourselves for a photo.

After lunch, everyone went back to work and I helped with the dishes.  Her mom said she would just take things home dirty........but there was no way I wanted that to happen.  We had a fun time as we washed everything before packing it up.  She remembers when I first moved to Quiche and could not speak much Spanish.  She mentioned that the church in Quiche may be interested in some classes so we will see what happens.

Happy Birthday, Andrea!  And many thanks to your family for a wonderful lunch!

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Mom said...

The lunch looks delicious!!! Great pic. !!!!!!!!!!!!