Monday, October 20, 2014

Class in Chutzurob

Back in May of 2008, Juan, Gaspar and I drove to Chutzurob to meet with Sebastian.  This is the photo that I took that day..........and a lot has happened since then.

Juan, Gaspar and Sebastian in front of where the church meets.

Shortly after this meeting, we started having monthly clinics here.  The clinic has always done well and several members of the congregation help us each month.  We now have a dentist with us each month, offering fillings, extractions and denal cleaning.

Today, Cecy and I went out to do a class on Papanicolaou and IVAA for the ladies.  There were around 22-24 ladies and a lot of questions!  I was very surprised and pleased.  They said that they will be talking about having regular monthly classes.  We will see what happens.

One of the young ladies had a lot of questions.  I do not remember seeing her before in clinic.  On the way home, I asked Cecy about her.  Her name is Wendy and she has recently been baptized.  Her parents were costumbre, believing and praying to many gods.  How exciting that she was part of the class today and had so many questions for us.  I really look forward to returning to Churtzurob.

I think it is a good reminder for us.  Our parents teach us the best that they can but there are some things that we need to study for ourselves.  What if Wendy had never questioned her salvation?  I have a friend that says, "My parents believed this, so I will die believing the same." For me, this is very sad.  For our souls sake, we need to study the Bible and know what is expected of us.

One day, I will give an account for what I have done, not for what my parents have done.

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