Monday, December 15, 2014

Dinner at south Fork Church of Christ

It is always good to visit with the South Fork Church of Christ in Winston Salem.  There were 49 people at the dinner, which included members of the church, people that I use to work with and several friends.

This is Mona, Sally and Janice.  Mona's children have spent some time in Guatemala. Sally and I use to work in ICU and Janice and I use to work in CCU together.

This is Glenda, Nancy and Pat. Glenda worked for several years in ICU.  Nancy and Pat are members at South Fork.

This is Anita and Ben.  Anita and I attended Michigan Christian in Rochester, MI, many more years ago than we want to admit.  Mary and Jim were missionareis in Guatemala and now members at South Fork.

This is Rebecca, Anita and Ben's daughter.  She has just finished nursing school and has passed her boards!  Congraulations!

 Teresa, Lisa and one time, we all worked in ICU together :)

Charlie talking with Donna.............and Scot talking with Goyo.

Yes, I needed help with lowering the microphone and Goyo came to my rescue.

It was a good evening.  I appreciate everyone being there and the participation.  I am already looking forward to next year. 

A special thanks to Jo, Anne and everyone who helped prepare the meal.  It was very good!  Thank you!

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Mom said...

It was good to see everyone again and you did a wonderful job, Sheri!!!!!