Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Days of ABC Celebration!

It was a very busy, fast days of an ABC Celebration but I think everyone enjoyed it!  It draw in the crowds!  On Monday, we had 850 attend and on Tuesday, there were 950.  We started out with an assembly and each congregation had a small skit to preform.  They were very good for for some of the communities it was the very first time they had participated

During the break times, Sarah and Maria sold ice cream.

This little girl did not want to share her ice cream.

Maury, Brenda and Cecy sold Bibles and Song Books.

This young girl had been eating her share of blueberry ice cream!!

There were many activities for all ages!

Some of the children glued on Cheetos, marshmallows and small candies on their sun visors.

But, before long, Aura was feasting away on the sun visors!

Lisa and Kemmel were honored by being dressed in the traje of one of the communities!  What a fun couple that we work with.........a true blessing to the ministry!

It was a great two days and it was obvious that people enjoyed our time together.

A special thanks to everyone who helps support the ABC Program.  We pray that the program will continue and more children will have the opportunity to study while spiritually ministering to their community,

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