Saturday, June 9, 2012

ABC Class in Mactzul V and Manuela

This morning, I went out to Mactzul V to do a ABC Class for the families.  With the 73 children and the rest of the family, there was a quite a group.  Anna, translated into K'iche' for me and I really appreciated it. 

This year, some of the MET students are living in Mactzul V.  Here are Aubrey, Kelsy and Easton.

We talked about a lot during the class.  Good diet, personal hygiene, how to prevent some illness and how to take better care of trash.

Then we took photos of each family.  I will make copies and give each family one.

Here, Aubrey with Tomas and his family.

Easton, with his family.

Kelsey, with her family.  Anna, is in the red sweater and she translated today.

It is almost time for the students to change places.  This group will go to the coast and we will have six new students.  The time passes very quickly.  Once you start to get real comfortable, it is time to move on!

After class, I went out to Manuela's house to check on her.  Those photos will follow.

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