Sunday, February 15, 2015

Brenda and Doyle Meet Maria

This afternoon, Brenda and Doyle had an opportunity to meet their ABC Child, Maria.  They have sponsored her for five years!  Today was an exciting day for Maria and her family.

Several people that were at the surgical clinic last week remained in Guatemala for a few extra days.  It is a great opportunity to visit the open market in Chichicastenango and experience a little more of Antigua.

Maria made this blanket in school and presented it to show her appreciation to Brenda and Doyle.

This is Maria and her family. 

We enjoyed a very good lunch in Los Confrades.  Starting on the left is Tom, Connie, Jay, Amy, Cynthia and Janice.  Tom, Amy and Cynthia translated during the surgical week. Connie circulated in the operating room. Jay worked in the sterilization room and Janice worked with the patients after their surgery.

It was a fun day but a full day.  The group returned to Antigua in the afternoon and have an afternoon flight tomorrow.  We pray that they will have safe flights and will want to return next year!

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Mom said...

Great pic. and I love the restaurant!!!!