Thursday, February 19, 2015

Busting Clinic and Pallitive Care!

Today was a good day and a very busy one.

We were in Clinic Caris and had 32 medical patients.  There was a wide variety of patients with several needing surgery.

This man has a very severe case of gout.  All of his extremities are affected.  Here, you can see the accumulation of uric acid crystals.  He is in extreme pain but the medicine does give him some relief.

We had two sisters who just found out that they they are diabetics.  Their blood sugars were over 450 and they also have a brother who is diabetic.

One lady has a small growth behind her ear so I referred her to Lisa during the Mactzul I clinic.

Gaspar had called a lady who has cervical cancer and we planned on visiting her in the afternoon.  It was about 11 am when I realized that I still had more than half of the patients to see.  In about 20 minutes, Lisa called me.  She had heard about the number of patients that we had and offered to come and help!  Thank you, Lisa.  Usually, I would not mind the large number of patients but did not want to keep the lady in Xatinap I waiting.

When we arrived in Xatinap I, Ofelia met us in the road. She told us that after Gaspar had called, her husband had left to start drinking again. 

We sat in their home talking about different things and then in about 15 minutes, her husband returned.  I found it very interesting that he returned.  He was curious about why we were there to visit his wife.

She has been ill for many years but has improved some.  We talked about different scriptures and then prayed with them.  I invited her to go with me on Sunday to worship in Quiche.  They do not live far from there.  We left medicine with her and hope that she has good results with pain control.

Gaspar and I returned to clinic to help finish up.  Lisa had done an ultrasound on a pregnant lady and then referred her to the hospital.

It was a good day...........I look forward to following up on Monday with several of the patients that we saw today.

Lisa, thank you for your help!


Anonymous said...

Sheri my heart goes out to the man with the gout. It is a very painful thing to have. What meds. does he take. Keep up the good work. HTI. is a good thing for the people in Guatemala.

Sheri said...

Dad, I thought of you. He is taking the same medicine that you are taking.It is in all of his extremities and he has a difficult time. :(