Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Clinic in Chutzurob

Today, we had 2 trucks that headed out to Chutzurob.

We were concerned with Cecy and her family.  Her grandmother had surgery yesterday so she was not with us.  I called her later in the day and her grandmother was awake and doing better. I know that she would appreciate your prayers for her family.

Chutzurob was busy and we loved it.  Later, Mitch told me it was one of his favorite days.  He had a great day in clinic and then later he and Manuel did some things in Chichicastenango.

We had 22 patients.  Since Cecy was not with us, I did the vital signs and labs.  Manuel later told me that he had two dental cleanings and asked if I would do the pharmacy while he did the cleanings.  "Sure!"  I responded.

I was real pleased when a lady returned to the clinic since I had been concerned about her daughter.  I had talked to Lisa about this last week so it was kind of ironic that the mother was there today.

In December, she brought her daughter in because her stomach was larger than normal.  The neighbors had questioned if the daughter was pregnant.  I asked her to get an ultrasound but she never returned to clinic.  When I asked the members of the church about her, they told me that the ultra sound was normal and everything was ok. Today, the mother told me that she had visited a surgeon in Chichi and he had removed the mass in January.  I am thankful that the mother followed-up in Chichi and that he daughter received the care that she needed.

Tomorrow, I will head to San Jorge with Sarah, Aura and the other team members.

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