Sunday, February 8, 2015

Carlos Baptied Carlos!

This morning, we all headed across the street for worship.  At the end of the service, they announced that we would have a baptism in the river. I thought the name sounded familiar but could not remember until I saw Linda..........Carlos is her ABC child.  She has sponsored him for many years and usually spends some time with him and his family each February, when she visits.

We slowly made our way to the river.  One of the first people to pop out of the jungle was Sara. This is Sara's first trip to Guatemala and we are excited to have her!

Out pops Amy and it is also her first time here.  She will be translating for the patients this week.

Carlos prepares to baptize Carlos as he is teaching him.  It is a moment that we will always remember.............

as the angles also rejoice with us.

The children from the congregation sitting on the rocks and watching the baptism.

When we finished, we regrouped for a quick meeting, lunch and then the surgeries started.

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Mom said...

So exciting!!!!