Saturday, February 28, 2015

ABC and normal clinic in Chuchipaca

This morning, I rode out to Chuchipaca with Lisa and Kemmel.  We met Manuel, Tomasa, Sandra, Cecy and Cesar out there.  We quickly set up clinic and started seeing patients.

Kemmel, preparing the folders as Cecy and Manuel get the patients ready.

Cesar seeing the ABC Children for their dental check.  He talks to the parents on how to better their dental hygiene.  It has been a very difficult challenge but we have seen some improvement.

Lisa had 19 regular patients and there were about 35 ABC Children.  There was only one that was a little underweight but over all, everyone looked great. 

We had one little girl that told Kemmel she wants to be a Doctor........what an exciting dream for her!

One young girl has a hernia so we will get her set up for surgery.  Since she is part of the ABC Program,  all of the costs will be taken care of by Health Talents.  The patients and parents are very appreciative of the program.  They often tell me what a blessing it is to them

I called one of our cancer patients, Ofelia and she told me that she is very sick in bed.  I will talk to Gaspar and we will look for a day to go and visit her.

It was a good day and it will be a good night to rest :)

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