Monday, March 2, 2015

More babies post-op

We had a great clinic today.

The last two babies came for their post-up visit.

This is Eber and he had his palate repaired.  His mom told me that he is eating and doing well. He has not had any fever and he looked good.

This is Kenia.  This was her second time to have her lip repaired.  She is having problems again so we will cover her with an antibiotic and hope for the best.  Her mother is very sad about this, as we all are.  We will see what happens.

Please remember these babies in your prayers. 

One of Lisa's patients returned today.  He is having prostate problems but he is feeling better. 

Most of the diabetics looked good.  A few had really lowered their blood sugar and I hope that they continue.

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Chutzurob.


Anonymous said...

Dad says, we will be praying for Kenia and Eber and also the parents. Keep up the good work down there.

Sheri said...

Thank you, Dad!