Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Okalahoma meets Chuicaca

When a group of us arrived in Chuicaca, we did not have many patients waiting for us.  We quickly cleaned the building and set up clinic.

Not too long after we arrived, our friend came to visit us.  He was with us last month.  Manuel went with him outside to prevent him from taking our equipment when we were not looking.  I just love Manuel's smile in this photo. 

We saw about 8 patients in the morning and then had a little break.  Some of us walked to market to invite people to come down and see us.

We met one lady that was near her store.  She told me that she had to work but wanted to come for an eye exam..........I told her to come on down and we would see her right away.  She looked back at the people in her store, waved her hand high at them and yelled, "See you later!  I am going to the clinic!"  And off we went!

We had a sign for the clinic but wanted to attach it to the building.  Manuel went to buy some big screws to mount the sign with.  The ladder he borrowed was not tall enough so I offered to back the truck up and use that to reach above the door.

Manuel getting set up........

Getting into position..........

Tomasa jumped up and helped hold the ladder to stabilize Manuel.

The sideline coaching team!!  I joked with Cecy, Maury, Sandra and Maria on how with the road workers, you always see one man working and seven others just standing or sitting around and not doing much of anything!   ha ha ha   I am so glad that they do not mind my sense of humor.  These ladies work very hard and I enjoy working with them.

About 1:30, we walked up to where we have lunch.  It was wonderful as always!  Our main connection for this clinic talked to Manuel and I about children in the school that need a consult.  We wants us to see 25 of them next month.  We are more than happy to do this!  What made it even more special, was the man gave us enough money to pay for all of the consults!!  They are booked and will be seen in April.

I also talked to him about doing an IVAA/ Pap class for the ladies.  I asked several people about how many members they have here and the number varied between 200 and, we are looking at doing a class from 9am to 10am and then doing the regular clinic.  If we can get enough interest stirred, we will return and do the special clinic for them.  I am really excited about this opportunity.

When we were walking back to clinic after lunch, we saw a huge pig scratching his back on a wall.  Manuel decided that he would lend him a hand and the pig did not mind it at all!

Students spending some time with the children.  I think that this clinic will continue to grow and do well.  People in the community are interested and want to see it succeed.

We saw several patients that need surgery.  One gentleman has cataracts but needs to wait a little before we can schedule surgery.  One patient has a hernia and is thinking about having that removed.   One lady has three small masses in her uterus and wants to talk to a surgeon about her options. We scheduled two patients for IVAA in Lemoa.

Every day there is something to learn and I enjoy it very much!

Tomorrow, our clinics will be closer to in Chichi and one in Lemoa.

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Mom said...

Sheri, I love the pig in the road!!!!! Also the really safe ladder!!!!! Where there is a will, there is a way!!! Two great and interesting blogs!!!