Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ABC Clinic in Mactzul II

We took several trucks out to Mactzul II.  This is one of my favorite communities. I use to do a ladies class once a month here.  I wish that we could get it going again.

I want to introduce you to some ABC Children that we have known for several years.  This is Maria and is sponsored by my friend, Sally.  Maria started study to be a nurse but eventually decided to change curriculum's. Now she is studying office management and sees to really enjoy it.  She told me that she has two more years left to study.

This is Nelson and he is sponsored by Andrew and Mary.  They come down to Chichicastanango every year and help us with clinics.

This is the lead instructor, Gary, checking out a student's ears.  If I remember correctly, this is Gary's eighth time to Guatemala to help the Harding P.A. Students.

We took a quick break for lunch and had fried chicken with rice and tortillas.  Lunch conversation is always interesting.  Students told  us their  horror stories of when they did their psych rotations in school.

Tomorrow, we will head out in three different dirretions.

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