Monday, March 16, 2015

OCC meets Mactzul V

 Last week, we had a group of Harding PA students.  This week we have a large group from Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, Oklahoma.  They will be doing clinics with us during the week.

Several of us headed out to Mactzul V today to do another ABC Clinic.  We stayed very busy and had a great day.

This is Laura checking in one of the first students.  Laura was part of the MET Program last year and lived with a family Mactzul V for a couple of weeks.

This is Debbie, Tomasa and Mario working with a dental patient.

Lisa, with a family in consult.

Aura and her patient.

After we had seen all of the patients in the morning, we set out to deliver some more water filters,  Lisa, Kemmel and I drove the trucks out into the community and delivered about 15 more water filters.

In the afternoon, the rest of the ABC children arrived. 

This is Tomas's son, Everaldo and Juana, his wife.  Everaldo is sponsored by Teresa, who is a friend of mine.  Every time I see Juana, she asks about Teresa. Everaldo has really grown a lot since he has been in the program.

It was a long day but it was good to see all of the children and patients.

Tomorrow, we will head out again into three different communities.........we will be in Xepocol, Saquilla and Chutzurop.

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Nice pic. Sheri!!!! I also love the stories!!!