Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Clinic in Xepol

Garpar, Kaitlyn and I went Xepol.  We had a decent day and ended up with nine medical patients.  The congregation had recently had an event and the building was still decorated with pine needles and they smelled good.

We sat and talked before the first patients arrived and then we had a steady stream.  Kaitlyn would start with the vital signs and then bring them over for the consult.

The one patient that concerned us the most was a lady that had gone to a national hospital for an infected tooth. She said that they never pulled it.  She lost a lot of blood and found out that she was pregnant.  She ended up severely anemic and received some blood.  After they took out her iv line, and she went home, the arm got red, hot and she developed celulitis. The day that she went home she also started bleeding.  She needs labs, ultrasound, IV antibiotic treatment.  We will see what happens with her.

Tomorrow, we will have two clinics.  One will be in Caris and the otherr one will be in Chichi.

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Mom said...

Very interesting blogs, Sheri!!!! Pretty pic.!!! Let us know what happens to the lady with the infected tooth. I hope she will be all right!!!!