Monday, March 9, 2015

Clinics in Chuchuca and Xejox

Well, all of the Harding Group has finally arrived but not all of the luggage has arrived.  They had delays in travel due to weather and then that resulted in lost luggage.  They still seem to be in good spirits and ready for a busy week.

Kemmel and Lisa picked me up at 0530 and we left the hotel close to 0600.  Most of us drove up to the same area and split at the school. My truck stopped and jumped out for a quick photo.

This is Sandra, Kaitlyn, Kelsi, Meredith and Megan.  Sandra will translate for us today and the others are P.A. Students at Harding University.

A few people had time to get their hair braided...........Sandra was designated to do the job.  Having as many sisters as she does, it comes very easy for her.

I think we saw all of the ABC Children in this community.  We also saw a child that is not part of the program but we noticed a bad cough and he had a temperature of 103.7.  We got him started on some medicine before he left the building.

We were treated to an awesome lunch!  We had the greatest fried chicken, there was a plate of grilled steak, radishes, cucumbers, tortillas and papaya.

Kemmel said, "They are really treating us like kings!"

Outside of the building, this was the first time I have ever seen this done.  They took plastic drink bottles and covered the end of the wood so it would not rot.  If it does not stay wet from the rain, the wood will last and not have to be replaced as often. What a great idea.

 Everyone made it back to the hotel in time for a late dinner.  It was a great clinic. We did not see any children underweight.  We saw many who have improved their dental situation.  The education is slow but we are getting there.

I talked to Sandra about what she wants to do.  Before, she never was able to tell me what she wanted to study but today, she told me that she wants to be a dentist. I am excited for her and will do anything to help make this happen for her.

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in several places.  I will be in Mactzul II helping do an ABC Clinic.

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