Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Clinic in Chutzurob and Jessica

As we left Kemmel and Lisa's home this morning, Kemmel gave us a mission to find a certain make of a plastic stapler.  We are beginning to put together the folders for the ABC clinics that will start soon.  Well, I found the right brand but it was metal........so, I opted for a different brand but a plastic one.  We will see how long it lasts.  It may be the last time that Kemmel sends me shopping :)

Things are really gearing up for the next few weeks.  During this time we will host two teams, have one intern visiting and then head into the Semana Santa or Holy Week. One group will be from Harding University and the other will be from Oklahoma Christian College. The students from those schools will go with us to clinics everyday and apply what they have learned thus far.  It will be a busy two weeks but a good two weeks.

We headed out this morning for Chutzurop.  The first week of February, Katy was down and she wanted to get a gift to her ABC Child.  Her name is Jessica and she is sweet.  Katy and I have been friends for several years and she has visited the Highlands a few times.

This is Jessica and her new backpack.  She and her mother were very excited.

We saw 12 medical patients and there was a variety of illnesses.

All of the diabetics were well controlled. We had one pregnant lady who is doing well.  Several children had coughs and cold symptoms.  One lady has had Bell's Palsy since December and she is still seeing some improvement.

When we finished clinic, we headed for Chichi...................it was time to have a late lunch or early dinner.

Tomorrow, I will be in San Jorge and hope that there will be several patients.


Mom said...

Jessica's back pack is very pretty but it is bigger than she is!!!!!!! :)

Sheri said...

Mom, you are correct. The back pack is almost as big as she is. She will grow into it!