Saturday, March 7, 2015

Night at Lake Atitlan

I made a quick trip to Panajachel to check out a hotel that I have been wanting to stay at.  The problem is the time is very close to Semnana Santa or the Holy Week here.  The hotel is booked and so I am still looking for a place to spend a couple of nights.

I have contacted Monterrico because I really like it there but they warned me not to come.  They told me that there will be so many parties and it will take a week to clean the place up after everyone leaves.  So, I have two other places to check out.

This was the lake and it was a very beautiful afternoon.

I ate dinner on the lake and watched the sun go down.

The weather could not have been any more perfect.

In the morning, I will head back to Chichi. The group from Harding University will be arriving and we will be gearing up for a busy week.  It is always good to have new people come and participate in the work.  We will be doing both ABC Clinics and general clinics.  I will share photos during the week.

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