Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quick Weekend in Antigua

It was time for me to get to Antigua and get the 90 day stamp for my passport.  I was approaching the date but there has not been much time to do it.  Jose, who helps me with my passport told me that there were 1.5 million people in Antigua today..........and I believed it.  This was the first time ever that I have seen port-a-johns brought into Antigua.

The parks were full, the restaurants were packed, the processions had started and alfombras were on all of the streets. About 6 weeks ago, Jose fell and broke his ankle and tibia.  He is healing slow and feels bad that he is not able to get out and help as he wants to.

The alfombras are made a different materials.  Common materials are colored sawdust, dried flowers, fruit, and pine needles. A huge frame is secured on the cobble street and the art-work begins. It can take several hours to make one.  When it is finished, periodically, it is sprayed with water to prevent the sawdust from blowing again and the flowers looking fresh.

This is one of the longest ones I saw today, in front of Jose's house.  When he told me the number of people that they expected today, all at once it felt as if there was not enough oxygen to breath.  hahaha.  It was very crowded.

This was a very interesting alfombra..........with a sculpture of bread at the bottom.  The colors are always bright and fresh!

This one was getting started.  They had just secured the frame to the street and put down the natural sawdust.

Then they slowly fill in in with teaspoons of colored saw dust..........and them slowly remove the frame.

This is the main cross in front of La Merced.  I wanted to go in to see if they have the usually fruit and vegetable display but it was so crowded that I could not enter.

This is only the beginning.  The real celebration does not begin until next week to if you are there, watch our pocket and pay attention to those around you.

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Mom said...

Beautiful pic., Sheri!!! I know how you loved Antigua at that time because I know how much you love crowds:) I wish I was there!!!!! I would just plow through....