Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clinic in San Jorge.......and coconuts!

Several of us headed to San Jorge this morning.  For those who have been there, you will remember how hot it is.  The climate is not at all like it is in Chichi and most of us, prefer Chichi.

Martina called me early this morning and told me that her baby was sick and had a fever.  Her sister, Micaela has worked for us a few times so she went with us to San Jorge today. 

After we met up with Tomas in Quiche, we picked up Aura and Enrique.

We ended up with 10 medical patients and 8 dental patients.

When we had finished seeing most of the patients, I walked to the store to get us some Cokes and something to eat.  The morning had gone by very quickly.

As we were loading the trucks up, I thought I heard Aura say, "Sheri es loca!"  (Sheri is crazy!)  I did not hear her correctly............because she said, "Sheri, hay coco!"  (Sheri, there are coconuts!)  One small coconut had fallen to the ground.  We were just thankful that no one had been standing under the tree when it fell!  We would not want any patients with neurological problems :)

Aura with her coconut.  We tried to break it open but we were not able.  Aura took it home so she will be able to enjoy the milk.

We ended up with 10 medical patients and 8 dental patients.

There is a lot of road construction going on and we did not have good luck.  Twice today, we had to stop in the road to wait for them to reopen.......45 minute wait each time.

Tomorrow, we will have an ABC Clinic in Pacaja Xesic.  It is the community that Aura lives in and it will be a good clinic :)


Anonymous said...

Dad says,
If that coconut had hit either one of you in the head you would be loco. You need to wear steel helmets. LOL LOL

Sheri said...

Dad, you are a wise man!! I will get us all some of those bright yellow hard hats to wear :)