Thursday, March 12, 2015

ABC Clinic in Mactzul I with Harding

Several of us headed out to Mactzul I to do an ABC Clinic.  We were encouraged that all of the children were doing well.  No one was below their expected weight.

After we saw all of the children in the morning, we divided into three groups and delivered some water filters to homes.  This is one truck packed up and ready to go.

This truck was also ready to visit some homes.

This is Brian and he visited in the afternoon with this little girl.  The story is, that Brian had made a house-call just days after she was born in her home in 2009.

This is Brian on March 2, 2009, making a new-born visit.

After clinic, we had a safe return to Chichi.............

The group will leave early in the morning to go to Antigua.  They will enjoy the day there and then fly back to the states on Saturday.  They have been a great group to work with and they have done a wonderful job.  Thank you and we hope that you will want to return for another visit!

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Mom said...

Great blog, Sheri!!! The pic. of Brian with the baby and now as a little girl is really neat!!!!!