Saturday, March 28, 2015

Busy Week..........

This week has flown by!  It is hard to believe all that has happened.  We had busy days in Lemoa, with 31 patients on Thursday.  We had a typical diabetic clinic in Chuguexa with 21 patients.  The clinic in Mactzul I is growing and that is encouraging.  Today, we finished in Chuchipaca with 16 patients.

We will not be having clinic next week due to Semana Santa. It will be a busy week for many reasons.  The annual conference for the Churches of Christ will be held here in Chichicastenango.  I was told that they are expecting 10,000 people.

One of our sisters lost her battle with pancreatic cancer yesterday morning.  While she lost her physical battle, she has gained her crown in heaven.  She was a sweet lady in the Chichi congregation that Lisa and I had been visiting. She will be missed but I am thankful that she no longer is in pain.

When we visited their home yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to her oldest son. While we no longer need to pray for Tomasa, please remember her son.  Mateo is not a Christian and has never accepted Christ.  I hope that during this time, he will reevaluate his life and make some changes if he sees the need.

I went by the cemetery on my way home today and talked to several members from different congregations. It was good to see people and to give a few a ride up to the market!

Let the events of Semana Santa I make a quick get-a-way OUT of Chichi!


Mom said...

This was very sad, Sheri.... Stay safe and have a restful few days off!

Karen Sims said...

What is Semana Santa? Does it have something to do with Easter or is it some other type of celebration? The pictures in your last blog of the sawdust in the streets were beautiful...what type of celebration is that? Curiosity is killing the American!!
Love you!

Sheri said...

Karen, your curiosity is fine! Semana Santa is a whole week of celebrating Easter. Most stores are closed and people have parades, visit homes, eat a lot of bread and wander the streets! They put down the "alfombras" made out of sawdust, flowers, bread,fruits and pine needles and then the processions walk over them. It is a full week of celebration!We use to continue with clinics but never had many patients attend. Everyone is buying honey in the streets and having way to much fun to think about health care.

Sheri said...
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