Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another day.................

This morning several of us headed out to medical clinics.  They needed one more translator so I did not mind going.  This young boy enjoyed being weighed and swinging...........he was sad when the ride ended and he was put back in his mother's arms.

When I returned to Montellano, Kenia had just returned to her bed.  She was very comfortable and had done well. Philip said that it was a difficult surgery and then later I heard that the mother had picked a scab from Kenia's lip after the first surgery.  Let's hope that she does not do this again!

Eber was having a good day.  He was a little congested after surgery but he will be ready to go home on Thursday.

Jose Luiz also had a good day.  He will go home tomorrow.

Randy and his mom walked around most of the day.  They are ready to head home NOW!  But unfortunately, will have to wait until the morning for their ride.

All of the babies have done great and it has been an exciting week. 
Many thanks to all of those who came down and made the week happen.  Thank you to all of those who sponsored children........Danny, Don and Jessie, Terry, Nancy and her congregation and Kory.
Your gift has tremendously helped an child and family.

In the morning, I will work my way back to Chichi.  I will spend one night there and then on to the city to get my new passport :)

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