Monday, February 23, 2015

Check up for babies!

Wow, what a difference in these children!  The parents are so thankful for the medical team that came down for a week of surgery. Some of the children returned to Lemoa for their post-op exam.  They looked wonderful!

This is Jose Luis after he had his palate repaired.  His surgery was sponsored by Don and Jessie from Morganton.

This is Randy, before his surgery a few months ago.  His surgery is sponsored by Terry.

This is Randy, two weeks after his surgery!

This is Eleazor before his lip repair.  His surgery is sponsored by Danny in Morganton.

This is Eleazor, 2 weeks after his surgery.  And as you can see, the mother is so excited for her child!

We are very thankful to Julie and the team that was down here.  Their work is very appreciated and will be remembered for a long time!

After clinic, I went to Xepocol to speak to the ladies about IVAA/Pap and having a pajama party.  Yes, you read correctly, a pajama party.  I have been thinking of ways to get the young ladies involved more in activities.  The guys have soccer and other sports but there are not a lot of activities for the young ladies.

Sandra, who was my ABC Daughter translated for me.  I had been wanting to do a class here for a long time but it never has worked today was my opportunity!  I hit them full force with 3 topics.

I can not express how good it was!  The singing was wonderful and full of enthusiasm. Sandra did not seem nervous and we just rolled with the topics.

So now, I will wait to see if they want the IVAA/ PAP clinic and if they would enjoy a pajama party. It is not something that is done here in Guatemala but I think we would really enjoy the night together.

After Xepocol, Maury and I went to visit a lady who had a c-section a few days ago.  They just wanted to be sure that things were progressing as they should be.  It was a good visit.  Her incision looks good and the baby is doing well. 

Life continues to be good and full of adventure, here in Guatemala!


Mom said...

Those are some lucky babies!!!! They look wonderful and so do you!!!!!

Alice B. said...

What a huge blessing to serve with your ABC child AND see other children and their families blessed by the surgeries! You look great!