Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Road blocked due to protest

This morning, Cecy and I started to make our way to La Palma.  On the way, we dropped off Lisa and Keaton at Clinica Caris.  We have a group that is arriving next week and they were going to get a jump on getting things prepared.

When Cecy and I left Lemoa, we soon found out that something was not quite right.  There was a long line of parked cars and trucks, with no lights on and lots of people walking in the street.

We locked the truck up and walked a few blocks to find that there was a manifestation / street protest going on.  There were hundreds of people, tons of signs and and someone announcing over a loudspeaker. It was calm and no fires had been started so this was good.

There were a couple of men standing and watching and they had sticks with them.  When man has this certain stick, it designates him as leader of a community, for that meeting day.  I asked them when the road would be opened and he told me that it would be reopened today, IF the government gave them what they wanted.  If they did not receive what they wanted, the road would be closed again tomorrow.

I have since heard that the street will be blocked again tomorrow.  Unfortunately,  this may affect our clinic numbers. We will see.........

Cecy and I headed back to Lemoa to help the others prepare for clinics.....................never a boring day in Guatemala!

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