Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let the clinics begin..............................

Yesterday afternoon, a group arrived to do a few days of clinics with us.  There are a few new people on this trip and several that we have known for many years.  While it is special to have friends come down every year, it is also wonderful to share the work with new people.  I am sure that the week has many good things in store for us, as well as our patients.

After breakfast, we headed out to the parking area to find out where everyone was headed.  We had four groups for clinic today.

First, Dave made a presentation to Marcos and Tania from the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma.  This congregation sponsored Marcos when he worked with us for several years. Now, he has started to build a private clinic and we wish him the best in this endeavor.

This is the group from Memorial Road that is here this week with us.

We had clinics today in Lemoa, Chichicastenango, Mactzul II and Mactzul VI.  I went to Mactzul VI, where we had regular clinic and also saw all of the ABC Children.

This is Terry, who is a minister but quickly picked up the pharmacy.  He can speak Spanish so that was a big help.

This is Jessica and she is working with the ABC Children.

Lisa, is a pediatric nurse who is checking in patients.  She and Jessica maintained order of the patients and always had the next patient ready.

While we did not see a lot of patients today, it was a good clinic.  The ABC Program is a wonderful blessing and opportunity for the child, family and community.

We enjoyed dinner together and then our devotional, led by Terry.  We also had a few minutes while people reflected on the work that Health Talents has done over the years here in Guatemala, especially during the civil war. It was a time of uncertainty and yet the evangelism continues today.

We look forward to tomorrow, when we will again be in four different communities.

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