Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marie and Lind visit Chichi

Marie and Linda visited Lisa, Kemmel and I during the weekend.  It was great to have Marie here again and it was Linda's first visitd.

On Sunday, they worshipped with the Chichi congregation and then they came to see where we live.  They first visited Lisa and Kemmel's home and then drove a few blocks to my house.  When it was time to leave, the sky fell!!  The rain was cold and hard.  We quickly made plastic rain gear......truly Guatemalan style!!!

We drove out to the clinic in Lemoa.  Much has changed since Marie was here.  That was in 2007 when we had the dedication.  Marie remembers that we served Communion in medicine cups and passed them out using a wash basins.  You just do, what you have to make things work.

Since the Guatemalan Independence Day is tomorrow, the torch runners were out in full blast.  We watched these guys in front of the clinic.

They loved having their photo taken!

We enjoyed a good dinner together and then said our good nights.  Marie and Linda will be traveling to the capital at 0700......and hopefully will not be stuck on the highway due to all of the parades and festivities.

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