Friday, September 26, 2014

Another day............ four more clinics!

We pretty much begin each morning the same........breakfast, quick directions, load 'em up and pull 'em out!

I want to introduce you today to Dr. Mike and Julie Kelley.  They served here in Guatemala, with Health Talents from 1985 to 1995.  I have heard their names many times over the years and now I have the opportunity to meet them. They will remain with us as Lisa and Kemmel return to the states and then on to Chile to visit family.  We wish them safe travels and a wonderful time with family and friends. I want them to have a fantastic time, yet remember where their home is :)

Kemmel talking to us before we headed out.  We had groups going to Panajxit, Paxot II, Mactzul I and Pocojil.  Sometimes, people do not realize the amount of work and thought that goes into the planning and preparing of these clinics.  Kemmel works very hard and we appreciate him a lot!

Gaspar, Cecy and I went to Pocojil.  For those of you who have met our translator, Manuel, this clinic is in his house.  Manuel is a great guy and with him speaking four languages, he is a big help to us.

We had a few very interesting patients today.  We had a lady who previously had a bad urinary tract infection.  She returned and is feeling much better but she is still not at 100%.  I hope she will return next Friday.

A mother brought in her 3 year old child that fell while running two weeks ago.  He began to hold his eye so his mother was concerned that something was wrong.  When we examined him, the best we could while he screamed, we found his right pupil totally white.  Gaspar and I talked to the mother about going to Solola to an eye specialist at the university.  I asked her to bring him back next week so we could see how he is doing. She will have to wait through the weekend as consults are only Monday thru Friday.

Then Cecy and I had this little 88 year old lady, who was a total joy!  It was so much fun hearing her stories.  She was a comadrona/ self trained mid-wife, for 62 years. She shared stories of how she would travel all hours of the day and night to check on her patients.  Some patients would give her food and others would not.  She would receive 1 quetzal, which is about 14 cents for her care.  She has spent many, many hours in the tuj/ sauna with these ladies as they are about to give birth and after.  It is nice to visit with someone that loves their profession. 
After we finished clinic, we unpacked the Nisson and then I stayed in Chichi for awhile. 

Julie, Keaton and I went to visit a patient in Buen Samaritano Hospital.  He is a patient from Chutzurob.  I thought that he might have been sent home but still has a few days to say.

Tomorrow, we will have clinics in Chuchipaca and Mactzul 5.  Another day and another adventure!!

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