Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Clinic with the Turkeys

Enrique, Manuel, Andrea, Maria and I headed out to Chajbal today.  We have been having clinic here for about 7 months but that is just a guess. We really like the community and keep hoping that the clinic takes a jump.  Sometimes, it just takes some time to get peoples interest and then we see the clinic grow.  For example, the clinic in Saquilla was slow in getting started but we have seen some good numbers threre.

By noon today, we were all tied.........Enrique had one dental cleaning, Andrea had one dental and I had seen one medical patient.  I told Andrea that this was her first patient.

Well, since Andrea is much smarter than I am, she proceeded to tell me that turkeys to not have teeth.  What can I say?  I did not grow up with turkeys walking around in my yard.

We finished the day decent.  Soon after we ate, he had about eight patients arrive.

I mentioned using radio to announce the clinic for that area.........we will see what happens.

In the evening, I had dinner with Lisa and Kemmel.  It is nice having them down the street.  They know of a pizza place that actually delivers, even if they do not follow directions very well.  The pizza was wonderful and it was nice just to sit and chat.  If you ever need a pedicure in Honduras, they can give you some good information  :) 

It is almost time for Montellano and a full week of surgeries.  I am getting packed, slowly but surely!!


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