Sunday, April 23, 2017

Back in Guatemala and Rolling

I have taken a break from blogging and it is time to resume. Lisa and Kemmel have inspired me to continue, therefore I shall.

Part of the break was due to returning to NC to have surgery for my trigeminal neuralgia. Dr. Branch, at Baptist Medical Center prepared everything before the surgery so I was ready to go when I arrived.. The surgery was a success and so far, I have been pain-free without any medicine. When I left my last surgical consult, I was told that I have 80% chance of remaining pain-free for life. I am thankful beyond words and now I am ready to begin working at whatever I can do to strengthen the ministry.

One reason that I think the blog is important is to assure to those who donate, that the work of the church continues. We are in the communities six days a week doing clinics and providing other services. The surgical clinics in Montellano continue on a monthly basis and the patients are very thankful for this option.

Yesterday, Manuel, Petronila and I went to Chuchipaca. This is usually Lisa's clinic but she and Kemmel had a special program to attend so I went. We had a great group of thirty-seven patients. Even with this being a weekly clinic, the number of patients continue to grow.

We were very sad to hear that Antonio, a patient that we have known for several years died 1-2 months ago. He was a severe diabetic with bilateral cataracts for for a very long time was unable to walk without the assistance of his wife. He learned how to control his diabetes and had both cataracts removed. This is Anotonio and his wife before his surgery in November 2014.

When Lisa saw Antonio in the clinic the last time, he was in severe kidney failure.  Please remember his wife during this time of her loss.

Life is jumping and it is good to be back in the flow.  We will have Oklahoma Christian University visiting soon, with Susan and Dave leading that team. The MET program will follow that with students spending about seven months here in Guatemala to see if they are interested in missions. I will be in Montellano in August with the babies that need surgery and then again in September.

Please remember us in your prayers and the patients whom we serve.


Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

So good to read your reporting again, Sheri! Glad you are back.

Mom said...

As always!!!! A great blog!!! It is beyond my vocabulary to express how happy I am that you are now pain free and able to do what you love so very much!!!! God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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