Friday, February 3, 2017

To Be or Not to Be..............

Today, we had a small clinic in Mactzul I.  This clinic is close to all of the Mactzules. I have expected this clinic to soar in numbers and for some reason it has not.  Many people continue to go to Lemoa, even though it means traveling farther.  Sometimes, they sit and sit for hours until their name is called while in some of our other clinics, they can be the 3rd or 4th patient.  They have told me that they just like Lemoa better. Something that I just have not learned to grasp yet.

So, during the whole day there were about five medical patients and two dental patients.

The last two patients of the day, concerned me a lot.

One was a 16 year old that fell in class.  He did not loose consciousness but had a large bump on his head.  Then, about 30 hours after the fall, he displayed symptoms of a stroke or Bells Palsey. I called Lisa because I did not know how to write for a CT.  I am always learning something.  So we sent him to the National Hospital, Santa Elena in Santa Cruz for the CT.  I asked him to return with the results.

The other was a lady about 19 weeks pregnant.  Until two days ago, she had felt a lot of movement from the baby but for two days, she had not felt anything.  I was able to obtain a fetal heart tone but because she stated there was such a change, I also sent her to the hospital.  I asked her to please come back and see us with the results.

So, even though the numbers were small, I felt we served with purpose.

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