Monday, February 6, 2017

CT Normal!!

I just want to let you know that the young man who we saw in clinic on Friday, had a normal CT!  That is when you just say, "Gracias a Dios!"  He will be treated with different medicines and will hopefully have a full recovery from the fall :)

Ana and I were in the clinic today.  We had several diabetics and most of them were out of control.  Not sure what is going on with that.  One man has only come to the clinic once a year for 4 years!!  I guess that I have never explained the term "chronic" very well.

The last gentleman is a Diabetic and wears open shoes.  His large toe is infected.  So, we talked about hygiene and closed shoes.  Yes, I explained in detail all of the "stuff" that is in the dirt as we walks about with basically no protection on his feet.  I gave him medicine. talked about the diet and different things that he needs to change.  We will see what happens.

As we were all cleaning the clinic, preparing to leave, the ice cream truck went by.  It was a warm afternoon so I told everyone that we were going to eat ice cream!!  We got all excited but come to find out, he only had the scoop-out kind.  He did not have the paper protected ice cream, even though he advertised it on his motorcycle.  Well it was too late.....................I had to eat it.  Wish me well........thank you!!

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Anonymous said...

This is your Dad talking.
It is good to see you blogging
again. I really enjoy your blogs.
Keep it up.