Saturday, August 27, 2016

Update on Chutzurob

There are so many things that I can share with you about the work here in Guatemala.  I could write and write and continue to write and still not cover it all.  Good things are happening!!  The Church is growing and it very active.

In 2008, Gaspar, Juan and I met with Sebastian in Chutzurob about starting a clinic here.  You can go back on my blog and see the entry from this visit.  We were very hopeful but yet not sure the members of the congregation would support it.  Well, they supported it 100% and this clinic continues to do well.  This is Juan, Gaspar with Sebastion in 2008 in front of the church building

A few months ago, they told me that they were going to start building.  Their congregation needed something larger for their activities.  So, when we returned, it was completely gone!! The foundation makes a good parking lot for our trucks when we have clinic.

This last time, we could not use the foundation since they were beginning to put in the rock and rebar.

They do not not hire much of the work to be done.  From preacher to clinic work, to working with mud and cement.  This is Domingo and he often works in clinic with us.

We will pray for their work that it goes well.  They might be working on this project for many years to come.

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