Sunday, August 14, 2016

Catching up on the Surgical Week

What a week we had!  We finished with about 80 surgeries.  All of the babies did really well.  I can tell you after a week with nine babies, I had a hard time keeping up with them. I have no idea how some mothers can watch over ten to fourteen children.  I know that is NOT my talent.

One child had to wait until the next clinic in February for his palate repair.  This was Efer, being sponsored by the Lenoir Church of Christ but we will wait patiently for the next surgical clinic.

Brandon had a palate repair. He still is not sure about being at the clinic and having so much attention.

His surgery was sponsored by Jeanie.

Santiago went for a lip repair and did very well. This photo, is of course before the surgery.

Candalaria, his mom, learned how to properly clean the lip. Santiago will be looking much different in a few weeks.

Frank and Evelyn, sponsored this surgery.

Javier with his mom before surgery.

Javier's surgery was sponsored by Ginny.  The surgery went well and in a few days the swelling will decrease and look much better.

This is Emerson and he had his palate repaired.  This was a day after his surgery and he was doing well.

Kory sponsored Emerson's surgery and it will be easier for Emerson to eat and drink now.

Juan Saquic also had his palate repaired.

This is Juan and is mom, just a few minutes following surgery.  Kory sponsored this surgery and Juan's parents greatly appreciate it.

Hilda had her lip repaired.

Jessis and Don sponsored her surgery and her mom smiled constantly! She was so pleased!

Milton also had his lip repaired. He is a twin so his grandmother stayed with him most of the time.

Milton and his grandmother after surgery.  His surgery was sponsored by Beverly and Doris.

Shelia was one of the two girls. She had her lip repaired and was sponsored by Angie.

Shelia was swollen but that is normal.  It is important to continue to reassure the parents and be sure that they are aware of good hygiene. 

Joas had some fingers that have been attached since birth.  He did great after surgery and even played with his dressings in place.
It was a hot but fantastic week.  Everyone worked so hard and long hours.  It was hot but people kept going.  Three OR Rooms busted, while Rick and Kerry kept the instruments coming out of the sterilization room.

A special thanks to those that sponsored the surgeries!  I will see Joas tomorrow and all of the babies next Monday.  I will let you know how everyone is doing.


Mom said...

So happy and pleased to see the outcome for these babies!!!! Wonderful work and God is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri said...

Thank you Mom! You are so encouraging to the work :) :) :)

kmburns74 said...

It's great to see these photos of the babies and also to have the update from Rick that all post-op appointments went great this week! Keep up the good work, Sheri. May you be blessed