Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pap/ IVAA in Xepol.........special attention to the exam room!

A couple of days ago, we had a Pap/IVAA Clinic that we have been preparing for.  We had 9 ladies who came to see Lisa and 5 for consult.  The special part of the day, is that the road leading to the church building was closed!  So, about 6 men and boys came to help us carry all of our equipment down to where we would have clinic!  Many, many thanks to them!

After we arrived, Teresa gloves up to get started!  We are really excited about the congregation where Teresa lives. On Sunday, there will be four baptisms in the congregation at Chijtinimit. The group from Hennessey will be with us and we will all go and participate in that celebration of four new souls!!

Cecy worked with us today and she prepared the cleaning solution for all of the equipment.  Cecy use to work with us full time and we miss her as she is now preparing for nursing school.  She will be a great nurse and the BEST part is that she will be back with us, when she graduates :)

Liss a is preparing the bed for the IVAA................this shows you that you can use any place to make it functional.  Great job Lisa!  Lisa's sister Anna will arrive on Saturday and we are looking forward to seeing Anna, Charlie and the group. 

One task that we will be doing when Hennessy is here is PLANTING GRASS..............this will show you have diversified that Health Talents is!!

Now, the question of the day is, "What do husbands do while their wives are having female exams?"

They sit in the grass, chat and do whatever they need to do as long as they can prevent going near the exam room     ha ha ha ........................we all had a great day!!

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