Tuesday, July 26, 2016

August Babies are Ready!

Well, after quite a long break from blogging, it is time to jump back on the wagon!  I will be taking 10 babies for plastic surgery in a couple of weeks.  I have sponsors for all of them and would like to introduce the babies to you.

Please leave your comments and thoughts.  They are an encouragement to me and the people who are taking time and money to sponsor the surgeries.

This is Joas and he was born with syndactyly.  He is a cute little guy and we will see what we can do for him.

 Both is hands and feet are affected. His fingers are webbed together.

Danny from Morganton will be sponsoring his surgery.

This is Brandon and he will have his palate repaired on this trip.

Jeanie from Morganton will be sponsoring his surgery.  Brandon was never sure if he enjoyed spending time with us or not.

This is Sheila Lorena.  She is 9 months and will be having her lip repaired.

Her surgery will be sponsored by Angie, from Morganton, NC.  

Doris and Beverly from Lenoir, NC will be helping Milton.

Milton is 9 months old and will have his lip repaired. I have a feeling the nurses will have a fun time playing with Milton.

Efer Zacarias is 5 years old and a cute little boy.

Danny will also be helping Efer, with his second surgery.

Santigao Anderson will be making his first trip with us.  He is 11 months and will be having his lip surgery.

Evelyn and Frank from Morganton, NC will be helping Santiago.

Javier Nehemias is 7 months and will also be making his first trip with us.  

He may be the life of the party in Montellano.  His surgery will be sponsored by Ginny from Morganton, NC.

Emerson Brayon is 2 years old and it is time to have his palate repaired.

His surgery will be sponsored by Kory.

Hilda Maria is 1 year old and will have her lip surgery.

I will be helping Hilda and her family with this surgery.

Our last baby will be Juan Saqiuic and he will have his palate surgery.

Kory is helping Juan and his family with this surgery.

The surgical team of 61 will be lead by Rick and they will arrive on August 6th.  A clinic in Chichi, ASELSI, will take care of transportation for several of these children and their parents.  One group will be arriving with Hector from Sololoa.  Another group will arrive, driven by Solomon's Porch from Panajachel.  Many thanks to those who are helping with transportation.

Please pray that everyone has safe travels and that we have a week of many successful surgeries. One thing that we do in the evening, is pray for each patient by name.  Prayer is very important throughout the day and then in the evening, equally important, is a prayer for thanksgiving.

I will keep you posted as we start on August 6th!


Mom said...

This is so exciting!!!! Can't wait to see the results. Many prayers for the babies, their parents, the Dr's., nurses and all the staff !!!!!

Linda O. said...

Thinking of you and the babies. Sounds like you will have a busy week.
Linda Osborne

Anonymous said...

Hilda Maria is such a sweet looking little girl. It is my honor to help with her surgery, and I pray all will go well. Thank each of you for your work and dedication. Jessie Roper