Saturday, July 30, 2016

More Donations! Thank you!

Well, this week was quite a busy one.   Getting babies and sponsors ready, printing photos for families, had some busy clinics and completed the IVAA clinic in Xepol. I will post some of those photos later today.

So, with the new donations, all babies have a sponsor now.

Thanks to Jessi and Don!  They will sponsor Hilda's surgery.  Jessi and Don are friends of the family and I really appreciate their help.  Thank you!  Hope to see you in December :)

The Lenior Church of Christ has always shown a great interest in the work of Health Talents.  They have sent a very generous donation that will provide many surgeries!  For several years now, they have visited us in Winston Salem or Morganton when I am back in The States and it is good to see them.

They will provide support for Effer Zacarias.  He had his lip surgery earlier and now it is time for his palate repaired.

Again, thank you to all of the sponsors................the time is getting closer.  I know that the parents are getting a little nervous, Clinica Ezell is preparing and that the people in The States will be flying next Saturday. Please continue your prayers.  We need them!


Mom said...

More sponsors!!!! That is wonderful !!!!!!!

Sheri said...

Yes, mom, it is very exciting! I appreciate it so much and so does the families.