Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clinic in Chutzurob

Juan, Gaspar and I went to Chutzurob today. I had not seen the guys for over a week so we had a lot to catch up on.

First, Gaspar told me that last week he had partial paralysis in his face. He told me that Lisa had given him a steroid injection and he felt much better. He said he still has some odd sensation in his ear that is getting better and he is thankful that Lisa helped him.

Next, Juan told me about him and Aura trying to get an ultrasound of their baby to be sure the position is alright. Long story short..........all is well! Juan should be able to hold his little boy in just a few short days :)

We are thankful that Gaspar, Aura and the baby are well. Sometimes, things do not work out this well and it can be very sad. Juan also told me about a 7-year old girl from Paxot II that died last week. He said that her stomach had been distended and the parents had taken her to a physician and then to another one trying to find some answers. One the way to the third one, the little girl collapsed and died.

When we arrived in Chutzurob, we had patients waiting and that is always exciting. As we were getting patients checked in, Juan asked me if one of these bills were false or real. Well, because of the way he asked the question, I knew it was a false bill. Can you tell which one is counterfeit and which one is a real bill? (The answer is below :)

So, we saw 14 medical patients in Chutzurob and Gaspar had one for dental cleaning.

A young man that had come a few months ago returned and I was glad to see him. I told him that I missed last month because he did not come to clinic. Anyway, he had begun to have seizures a few years ago after a bicycle accident and when he visited the first time, he told me that he was having 4-5 seizures a week. Since he has started the medicine, in two months he has had only one seizure! He and his mom are very thankful for the medicine.

This is the last patient of the day.

As soon as we finished the rain started! Juan asked for the keys because he wanted to get the truck up the hill before the rain started falling harder. I thought it was taking them quite a long time to return but had no idea why. When he and Gaspar came back he told me that he was not able to get the truck all the way up the hill because of the mud. He said he had tried 3 times but could not do it.

We finished packing the truck and then I backed it down the hill to get a good start. I told the guys that I like Chutzurob but I wanted to spend the night in my bed. They just laughed at me and I told them to hang on! We were going to the top of the hill!

We made it back to Chichi without any problems and we are thankful for that.

As always..........tomorrow, another day and another adventure!

PS. The counterfeit bill is the first one.

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