Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clinic in Panajxit

Kemmel called me this morning and asked me to do Josefina's clinic because she was not feeling well. Sure! I met up with Tomas and Manuel and we went to Panajxit. As we were driving in the community, everyone was walking out! My heart dropped. It is the fair season and as you know, more people would rather go to the fair than come ans see us :( Oh well.........

We eventually had six patients for the day.

I received a call from Lisa saying that Josefina had been taken to surgery for her appendix and that she had done well. She was back in her room and that the visitation was as 4pm.

After we had seen all of the patients, I headed back home to do a few things and then went to the hospital top visit Josefina. Her mom and her sister-in-law were visiting. She was not feeling her best so I only stayed a few minutes. As I was leaving, two of her brothers came in........Lisa and Kemmel were right behind them.

The streets were packed and the noise was terrible. I wanted to walk around the fair for a few minutes but it was not worth it. I could not wait to get back out into the main street again.

Tomorrow, I will go with the guys to La Estancia.

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