Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday in Montellano

Last night when Carlos asked me if I had gone outside and I had not, I did not know how bad the entrance of the clinic was. The rain had rose over the bridge, leaving several inches of mud and leaving debris on the bride. The guys were out there with their shovels and hoes trying to clear the entrance.

Here, you can see the current level of the river. The level of the river rose several feet and washed away the water lines of the clinic.

We did not think we would be able to do many surgeries but we we able to get enough water to keep the sterilization room going. Rick continued to rig up systems that allowed the ORs to continue.

This is Connie and Leslie as they are checking in a patient. It is their first time down and we hope that they will return.

This is Karen and she was a great help this week. She has limited Spanish skills but she did not let that stop her from getting the patients what they needed. Here she sits with Sergio and his parents before they were called back for surgery.

We prayed with Sergio's parents when Sergio was taken back. We gave them updates through the surgery.

After surgery, Karen got a frozen glove and let Sergio enjoy it. I am sure the ice felt good on his mouth.

Sergio's surgery is sponsored by the Morganton Church of Christ in Morganton, North Carolina.

This is Juan Martin after his surgery. He has big beautiful eyes.

Danny from Morganton, NC sponsored Juan Martin's surgery.

This lady is Sebastina and she had thyroid surgery. She was a delight, always wanting to pray and sing with us.

This is Cristofer before he went home. He has a baby brother staying in The City that is not enjoying his time there. Cristofer's parents asked to return home quickly so they could go and get their newly born child.

We functioned well today without water. We hope that tomorrow we will have it. But more important are the patients. Everyone has done well and we are very thankful for that.


Mom said...

Danny will be so proud!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Morganton Church of Christ... I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sergio and his parents. On their behalf and on my own behalf I want to say thank you for sponsoring this precious child. I was able to witness his surgery, and the physical change Dr. Fulks made with the skills God afforded him was absolutely amazing. May God richly bless you for your kind and giving hearts!!
Karen Sims
A Compassionate Caregiver, HTI August 2010