Monday, August 16, 2010

A great day..........

This morning I went to go to Santa Cruz to have my hair cut and visit Magda.

When I left home, I walked past the house where the lady asked me to visit her dad on Saturday night. There were several cars in front of the house next door but the way the houses are connected, I was not sure if it was the same house. One of his daughters came out to see me and told me that her dad died. She asked me if I would come in to visit.

Trying to be as respectful as I could, I removed my sunglasses, Ipod and put my Diet Coke in my backpack. I waited my turn and then stood a few minutes by the casket. When it was time to leave, I talked to the daughter for a few minutes outside. She told me that her dad had been comfortable and died yesterday about 6pm.

I hopped a bus to Santa Cruz and got my haircut. Then I went to visit Magda and she was feeling fairly well. She told me that Wednesday is a traditional day to eat tamales with your friends and asked me if I could return. I told her that I would not be able to on Wednesday but I could come back on Sunday before worship service in the afternoon. She said that would be fine and that she would go with me after we eat.

I had dinner with Lisa and Kemmel tonight. We started out by having cheesecake and coffee! Now, that is the way to start dinner! Then we had BBQ ribs and was wonderful! Thank you, guys!

Tomorrow I will go to Chutzurob with Gaspar and Juan. It should be a great day!

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