Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday in clinic

So much happens every day that it is impossible to pass on all of the events.

I want to go back and talk a little about Carmen and her mom. She was the little girl who had a small mass on her tongue and it was removed on Sunday. Neva, Karen and I spent some time with Carmen's mom when Carmen was taken back to surgery. She told us that she no longer went to church but was wanting to talk more about God and the Bible. We prayed with her and told her that later we would return that evening to talk with her.

That evening, Neva and I went back to talk with her and her story is the story of many, many people. When her little girl was very sick she, "looked for God and prayed." Then, when Carmen got better, she no longer attended worship. We talked about God wanting a relationship with her and this relationship should continue to grow.......in difficult times and in good times.

Neva explained that God loved Jesus as much as she loves Carmen and that Jesus died so we could have that relationship. God is faithful in good times and in difficult times.

Deuteronomy 7:9------Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping His covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commands.

The verses continue to talk about those who do not love God and keep His commands. This is something that we choose. Will we chose to love and follow? It is a question that we must ask ourselves daily.

This is Juan Martin the morning after his surgery. He is doing real well and so are his parents.

Within a few days the swelling will diminish and he will look even better! He is going to be handsome young man.

This is Pedro Maricio as Jenn takes him back for surgery. His mother was just as tearful as Pedro was.

Pedro's surgery was sponsored by Janie from Morganton, NC.

Within just a few hours, Pedro was resting quietly and his parents were also at peace.

OK, a little history on the next baby, Marvin. He came to clinic last February and at that time, he was a very sad baby. He had lost a lot of weight since we had seen him and was very sick. We really did not think he would live. We spent some time with the mother, wanting her to stay so we could help but she returned home. This photo is of Marvin in February.

Marvin returned, has gained weight and has grown! We are so excited.

Marvin's surgery is sponsored by Frank and Evelyn from Morganton, NC.

This is Marvin, just a few minutes after he came out of the operating room. Amazing!

This is Wilfred. He is another baby waiting for surgery.

These two patients have had their surgery and are doing great!

This baby won the hearts of many in the clinic. Unfortunately, they were not able to find a vein on the baby so surgery will be delayed until February 2011. The parents were very distraught so I was asked to talk to them. I explained that their baby would grow and that sometimes babies do need to wait, even though it is hard on the parents. I told them I would take a photo of them now and return in February with a copy for them so they could better see the progress. I eventually got a smile from them :)

We still do not have any water but we are not letting that stop us from working. A van did take several people in to Chicaco for a shower but I could survive another day........after that we had to be creative. Here Kathleen is demonstrating how we collected water in the afternoon when it rained so hard.

Another day, another adventure with many events. Please continue to pray for the patients, families, medical staff and the kitchen staff. The days have been long and some surgeries have been bumped until the next day. Even though my blog focuses on the surgeries of the babies, there are many other types of surgeries and procedures taking place.

We pray each night for each patient by name. We know God answers these prayers and that He will continue.

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