Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clinic in Panajxit

Today, I went with Josefina, Tomas and Manuel to Panaxjit for clinic. We had one patient when we arrived so they guys went out to announce with the PA system on the truck.

This is Enrique and Tomas as they get ready to announce in the community. Enrique has helped since the clinic started. He talks with patients after they have their consult and prays with them.

This was the first patient of the day. I remember her from when the clinic started a few years ago. She continues to have a consult with Josefina on a regular basis. Josefina and her patient, Martina, before she left the clinic.

We ended up with 11 patients and as I always say, "It is better than none!"

I worked with the guys today on educational material. They are interested in learning more and had a lot of good questions. We talked about the different diagnoses that Josefina saw today and about some of the chronic illnesses.

Tomorrow we head to Chuchuca for an ABC Clinic.

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