Friday, August 6, 2010

Clinic in Chuchuca

Today two truck loads of us headed to Chuchuca. We had feared that the road might get bad due to the heavy rains that we have had. We eventually made it, after several attempts. In some areas, the mud was 3 feet deep. There were work crews out on the roads with only a hoe in their hand.

We saw 34 of the 35 ABC Children and Marcos saw 14 dental patients.

This is Rogelia, one of the ABC Children.

This is Estella, another one of the girls.

It was good to get back home this evening. I talked to Lisa and Kemmel for a little. The roads were challenging even in the Chichi area due to the heavy rains. There has been several mudslide since yesterdays and some of the huge trucks have had problems in the mountains.

Tomorrow, I will head to Clinica Ezell with 8 children and their parents. Two more will be coming from around the Lake Atitlan area. It is our hope that they will have surgery for their cleft lips...................what an awesome opportunity for them! I will keep you posted with stories and photos.

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