Sunday, August 8, 2010

The the surgeries and the rain begin!

This morning we had breakfast and then walked across the street to worship with the local church. The lesson was really good and it was on discipline. He made some really good points and then later, I heard several people talk about how much they enjoyed it.

We ate lunch, had a meeting with Dr. Walter and then it was time for the surgeries to being!

This is part of the nursing staff. After worship, everyone gathered in the recovery area so they would be more comfortable with the process.

This is Martin and he is from the Chichi area. He is here for surgery and will be able to return in a couple of days.

This is Donnelly and her mom. I remember them from February but do not remember the whole story. They are back again and doing well!

This is Devona and Tracy. Devona and her husband, George, have become regulars here and we like that!! This is Tracy, their daughter, and I hope she will also become a regular :)

When it was time for Cristofer's surgery, we sat with the parents near the door of the operating room. We pulled up chairs so they could be comfortable and then prayed with them. From time to time I would go back to be sure everything was going well and then give them an update.
He was the first case for the afternoon and was done fairly quickly. This is late on Sunday evening.

Cristofer's surgery was sponsored by Rick and Sarah from the Morganton Church of Christ.

This is one of the young girls waiting for surgery with her mom. Her name is Carmen and she has a small growth on the side of her tongue that her mom would like to have removed.

We had almost finished for the day and then the rain began. This is not unusual for this time of the year but I have always said that I think the rain falls harder in Montellano than any other place I have been. It falls in sheets and hard!

The rains continued through the afternoon and then Rick gave us the news......we did not have any water. No water to bath with, no drinking water, the commodes could not be flushed and only the trays that were already sterilized could be used for surgery since the autoclave could not be used. We were up a hill........and would just have to see what could be done.

I went to check on the patients one more time for the night. Everyone was resting well and Cristofer was even playing. Everyone was done well through the day and we give the glory to God.

As I was heading back to my room for the night, Carlos asked me if I had heard how bad the rains were. I told him no because I had not been outside. He said the water had rose up over the bridge to the entrance of the clinic and he had seen a dog, snake, frogs and rabbits that had been killed from the rain! The are not sure of the water lines have broke or have been washed away......we will know more in the morning.

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Mom said...

Great blog Sheri!! Sarah and Ricks child looks great....they all look wonderful...God is good!!! I hope you get water soon!!! We love you!!!!!