Saturday, August 7, 2010

Heading to Montellano

This morning we met at ASELSI and then loaded the van when Victor arrived. All of the parents were there on time and we headed to the coast. I thought we would be able to go the normal way but when we arrived in Los Encuentros and Victor jumped out of the truck, I knew the news was not good. He had just talked to someone and the road was closed again. We went up through Xela and arrived in Montellano, four hours later.

I got the babies and their parents settled in a bed. I showed them a little store if they needed anything and then returned with some food for them. Then it was just a waiting game until the group arrived.

These are the children that hope to have surgery in the next week. It will be an exciting time for their parents. We have sponsors for each child so it will exciting for the sponsor to watch the progress of the child.

The group arrived about 5pm and it was good to see them unload the bus and start to put things together for the week. Tomorrow we will worship across the street, have dinner and then the surgeries will begin.

This is Marvin and his mom. You may remember Marvin from the last surgical clinic. I will post his photo later in the week but when he was here before, we feared that he would not live. He has been blessed, has grown and is now ready for surgery.

This is Pedro Maricio and his parents.

This is Cristofer and his parents.

This is Juan Martin and his parents.

This is Roberto and his parents. He has had his lip and palate repaired and would like to see if anything more can be done for his palate.

This is Sergio and his parents.

Dr. Dwayne had his work cut out for him but he was strong. We started seeing patients as soon as a room was available. We finished at 2120, seeing all of the patients that are here for plastic surgery.

Some of the patients has difficult stories and as bad as you want to do something, you are limited. One of the young ladies does not have any hair due to an accident she had a few years ago. Dr. Dwyane talked to her about getting her a wig because surgically, there is nothing he can do. She and her mother are very excited about this and know to return in October.

I am looking forward to the week. We will be able to help patients physically and hopefully, spiritually. All of our patients are not Christians so we have wonderful opportunities to share the gospel of Christ and demonstrate His love. Please pray for the patients, their families and the staff as we begin the week.

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