Saturday, August 21, 2010

Babies......pap in ONE!

The patients were waiting as we pulled up to the clinic. Lisa started with the pap ladies and then Gaspar worked the babies in.

Note to Neva: The mothers loved the blankets! In fact, the babies came wrapped in them today :)

This is Marvin and he is looking good. He still has some swelling but is looking good. Well, he is looking great compared to 6 months ago. His mom is doing well and she said she will meet me next Sunday in Chichi for worship.

Sergio still has quite a bit of swelling but looks much better. His parents brought me about 25 pounds of apples! Now that is a one pleased mother!

Pedro Mauricio is also doing well. His dad brought him today since his mom is working in the house. His dad kept talking about what quality of surgery. Don't ya just love pleased parents?

Juan Martin was doing great. People were very complimentary of his parents during the surgical clinic. All of the parents took very good care of their children but Juan's parents had a special touch!
Cristofer as as active as he was at clinic!! He was all over the floor and jumping on the exam table as his mother and grandmother looked in the opposite direction!

All of the children looked great! It has only been two weeks since their surgery and it time, of course, they will look even better. The parents are excited and very thankful.

Those that will need to return for a palate repair will be scheduled for early February.While I was seeing the babies, Lisa took care of the ladies that needed paps done. I even squeezed in a plantar fascitis. No need to turn away patients.

After the babies and pap clinic, we had a surgical clinic. Lisa biopsied an area below a ladies eye and then she removed a skin tag on a ladies foot. It was a great day and I loved it!

I went home and started getting caught up on things......laundry, cleaning, just stuff........
Lisa called and said she had made some apple fritters and asked me to come over. Sure!

It was wonderful! We sat at the table with fresh coffee and HOT apple fritters and just moaned!! It started raining real hard so I had time to eat a SECOND one, with more coffee!

An adventurous day, exciting patients, HOT apple fritters, fun is good :)

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Anonymous said...

The babies look great!! Thank you Dr. Fulks for sharing your talents with our new friends!!