Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catching up.........

Yesterday and today were days for catching up, unpacking and doing laundry. I walked up to Chichi to get a few things that I ice cream. Carlos has me hooked on Pina Colada ice cream. I enjoyed the walk and the weather is nice and cool :)

This afternoon, Tomasita knocked on my door and asked if I would eat lunch with them. We sat on the porch and enjoyed grilled lamb, black beans, corn, fresh salsa and grilled tortillas. It was very nice of them to invite me.

This evening I walked to the little tienda for some Diet Cokes and there was a lady there that wanted to talk to me when I finished. She told me that her dad was very sick in the house and asked if I would go and see him. I had not seen this gentleman for a long time. When I first moved into the neighborhood, he would be out walking early in the morning or afternoon but now he is in bed and not doing well.

I talked with them and answered some questions they had and then we prayed for a minute. I do not think he will live very long and I know it is hard on the family. We will see.

It is good to be back in Chichi and I have enjoyed the time getting caught up.......I love cleaning, organizing and getting ready for the next adventures. Tomorrow, I will go to Santa Cruz and worship there and get photos made for all of the children. There is also a fair going on there so I may check that out.

Thanks for reading............................

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