Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday in Montellano

Today the OR schedule is full and away we started pluggin' away.

Today Donelly was able to go home. His surgery was done on Monday and he looked good.

Juan Martin and his dad are passing the morning away. This is Juan's 2nd post-op day and he is doing great.

A little closer view of Juan Martin and his surgical line.

This is Marvin and his mom as they were walking around the clinic.

This is Marvin's 2nd day post-op day and he is also doing wonderful.

Pedro just had his surgery done yesterday and he is doing great.

His surgical line is great and he is doing well.

Rick's daughter, Julie Ann, is on this trip. I teased her about not coming to the highlands for the last two years due to cheerleading but I am glad she is on this trip.

Rick and his family sponsor a young lady, Ingred, in the ABC Program. She was at the clinic on Wednesday and I hung out with her and Julie Ann for awhile. We talked about fun things like what you like to do in your spare time, favorite foods, favorite colors, just lots of fun things. Now, you need to remember the cultural differences for some of the questions. Ingred asked Julie Ann how she bathed. She was asking if Julie Ann bathed in the river. Julie Ann handled the question well.

Julie Ann had on some bracelets that Ingred liked so Julie Ann gave Ingred her choice of one of the bracelets.

This is Sergio and he is also doing well. He is a little more swollen than the other babies but I have talked to his parents about this eventually returning to normal.

In the afternoon, there were no new patients so we started singing. Sergio's mom came to join Kathleen and I, as well as one of the cleaning ladies.

Goofing around a little between patients..............Angie and Jeni.

When the day came to a close..........the patients were all well and it was time to turn out the lights.

Sergio's mom resting at the bedside with Sergio.

Tomorrow, the babies and I will head back to Chichi. Dr. Dwayne will see the babies in the morning and discharge them. It will be nice to return to the cool highlands.

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