Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wet clinic in Chuchipaca

Today when we left Chichi, I grabbed my sunglasses but before long realized they would not be needed. It was cold and wet all morning. I will really emphasis cold. Even Gaspar and Juan kept talking about how cold it was.

Lisa saw 14 patients for consult. After each patient was seen, Juan would give the patient medicine and then we would talk with the patient about their diet or their diagnosis. We are really emphasising basic health issues, hygine and continuing the medicine until it is finished. If we can improve basic hygine than many of the chronic illness can be improved. Usually, most people have questions about their diet but not today. Maybe they were too cold to think?

I had lunch with Lisa and Kemmel at one of the restaurants here in town. The coffee with cream was extra good!

Tomorrow, I will head to the lake. I am ready to skip town for a few days. I have not been to the lake since February so I am over due. I will be staying at a different place than usual so maybe I will have some good pics to share :)

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